NAKED LOVE FILM & KOPPEL ANIMATION is an animationstudio based in Copenhagen, run by multi-award-winning animator Sara Koppel, who is still animating on paper, a craft she have been perfecting since she as a 14 year old punk started in the growing danish animation business in 1984.

In the last years Sara have been proving herself as a pioneer in using the organic handdrawn animation in more adult issues like environmental-, gender- and sexuality- issues, and her high-end handdrawn animationshorts like "1st Day & Next Minute", "Seriously Deadly Silence" and "Little Vulvah & Her Clitoral Awareness" have been around the world on festivals and won more than 20 awards.

But Sara is not only making her own films, she is also hired as an animator on other peoples projects, where her unique style(s), her 30 years of experience and mastering of the crafts of animation, coloring, character design etc. combined with her allmost inhuman speed that make most computer animators drop their jaw, makes her a very satisfying creative partner, and she have been coorporating with a handfull of both domestic and international directors and producers especially in the documentary genre.