Sara Koppel (born 1970) is one of the last standing animators in Denmark, who is still drawing on paper, an art she have been practicing in nearly 35 years, as animator, filmdirector and installation artist.

She started out on as a 14 year old school tired kid on tegnedrengene and Swan Film on Valhalla back in 1984, and since then, she have been working on most major animation movies and loads of commercials and short films in the 80's and 90's with Jannik Hastrup and A. film.

In 2002 - when most of the business was moving on to CGI and computer animation - Sara started her own studio, and took the handdrawn animation in a more artistic direction, still making animation for a lot of other films and commercials, but also using animation as installations in art exibitions and last but not least - making her own virtuos animated shortfilms.

Saras technique is still the old school disney cartoon handdrawn animation, where every second of film is approximately 12 original drawings, every one of them drawn from scratch with pencil on paper.

The coloring is made in the computer but always in a way that keeps the structure of the paper and pencil, a style that makes the films very alive and organic, a style that seemed perfect for the films that made her a world wide pioneer in erotic animation film, and she was one of the first avantgarde to put erotic themes into animation.

Her films have been around the world and received more than 20 awards with her virtuos and mindblowing animationshorts, be it the mindblowing "1st Day & Next Minute", the thoughtprovoking "Seriously Deadly Silence" (2015), the sex-educational "Little Vulvah & Her Clitoral Awareness" (2013) or the erotic "Naked Love - Ea's Garden" (2012).