Teaching intensive Animation class at Hareskov Libery

2015 Artbook/Comicbook Naked Love "Ea's Garden"

Animation 12 seconds, "Birthday present" to OFF Odense International Film Festival

Artwork Invitation flyer to night club "Piñata Colada" in CPH

Art Exibition at BLIK

Art Exibition at Art society of The union for Teachers DK

Art Exibition at Gallery Boheme

Artwork Paintet Signs to "Kølsters tolv haner"

Artwork 35 Charicatur drawings to DR Radio Program "Do You Love Jazz?"

Artwork Postcard for SummerJazz 2015

Artwork Poster for "Explanation about Food & CO2"
  MUSIC VIDEO for Marie Carmen Koppel "Heal My Wounded Heart"
  9 Animationfilm for Tiger Danish store
Poster for DJ Noize new up-coming band
CardBordGame Design "Woof" - BoardGame ApS
dsa Artwork to Bottega della Pasta - Torvehallerne 1 Denmark
sd Animation, 3 Short animationfilms for Slagelse Boligcenter.
Exibition, "Flora Vagina" - An erotic art project, paitings on ceramics, by Sara Koppel on Galleri Wolfsen, Ålborg
s Animation, 3 pieces for "KunstClash" at Det Kongelige Teaters Skuespilscene - Februar

Animation 6 sequences for "LULU - Painless" a film by Jessica Nilsson

ads Animation, "Dig og Mig - For Enden Af November", musicvideo for Tor Fruergård.
d Storyboard on "Little Vulvah & her clitoral awareness"
  WALL PAINTING, for danish Jazzmusician M. Blicher
ARTWORK for Poster, T-shirts and Merchandice to "Valby Summer Jazz 2012"
  Wall painting in Dancehall – Gadelandet Coenhagen
dsa Animated shortfilm "Copenhagen X" for Dansk Arkitektur Center "CopenhagenX" christmas calender 2011 by Sara Koppel, music: Sune Køter
  Designs for Informationfilm "Energi solutions"
  Wall painting 10 X 5 meters in Sports hall - Korsgade Copenhagen
  Animated short film 50 second for competition MIX CPH 2011 “To be”
  Design “Elbil” for Ocean Dive
d Animated 2 minutes Pilot on my Erotic animation short “Naked Love”, music: Sune Køter
  34 new paintings “Moving Women” for international conference presents
  Design & recording ”Car in development” for Bernfilm ApS
  Animationtest for Magic Hour Film
  Creation and production of homepage http://nakedlovefilm.com with Sune Køter
  Illustrations to book “Ud af Musikken” by B.K & K.T
  Animation + stop motion for Orbit studio on Zendium Syreforsvar commercial.
  Artwork to CD-cover for danish jazzband Radiostar
d Animated short “Walking between each other and it self” by Sara
Koppel, music: Sune Køter
  Animated 2-D musicvideo for Moonjam
  Artwork to CD-cover for danish popband Moonjam
  40 Drawings of “Gymnastic exercises” for game development Peter Beim.
  Exibition in Galleri 2B, Helsingør of "Countless Lovemaking" 122/244cm painting
dsa Erotic Art Exibition at Galerie Eros, "Countless Lovemaking", 25 new paintings, october 21st - november 13th
  Animation + stop motion for Orbit studio on Zendium Sensitive commercial.
d Exibition of mini-version of "Moving Women", KPH
asads Rough Animation on intro on Christiania-Dummy by Kasper Torsting, music: Sune Køter
d Exibition of mini-version of "Moving Women", Kikkassen Galleri CMYK-Kld
d Animation + stop motion for Orbit studio on Zendium classic commercial.
d Art Exibition Helligåndshuset, 24 paintings
d Storyboard & Animatic to "Make Love" (formerly "Elskov"), a 13 minuttes erotic animationfilm by Sara Koppel and Sune Køter
  Festival Fest Anca july30th-august1st in Bratislava shows Meltdown, Love Sucks and Hot Package.
  Drawings for modelbook for "Olsen Banden" by A-film
  Designs for 25 min.Animationfilm by Ziska Szemes

35 sec. Animatic + Animation & Color for “Rarebird Production” on Magtens Korridorer – Strikkeklub på alufælge

  Art Exibition Martin Asbæk Gallery, "Moving Women", Animation installations on 5 x 42" screens, 5 big acryllpaintings and 26 smaller tuschdrawings, march 12th - april 10th
  Drawing of politician Mette Frederiksen to 100 years anniversery for International Womens Day march 8th.
  Cleanup on 2D animation for A-film
  Animation + coloring for Orbitstudio on "Den Grønne Slagter"
  Animation + coloring for Orbitstudio on spot "Oscar"
  Animation, "Another Hero In Denmark Inc. - No Brain", Installation by Sara Koppel
  Animation, "Another Accesory to Denmark Inc. - Human Cage", Installation by Sara Koppel
  Manuscript for "Elskov", erotic animationfilm by Sara Koppel and Sune Køter
  Illustration, "Elsparefonden", bookcover + poster
  Animation test on Live-action  “El-bilen” Klima2009
Art Exibition Helligåndshuset “Punk n’Roll 666 Frames” Animation & stills
Animation “LoveSucks” erotic shortfilm By Sara Koppel

Animation “ Utopia” animated logo for Melting Love Records

  Animation "Meltdown" Erotic Short by Sara Koppel
Creator of MELTING LOVE RECORDS with Sune Køter
Animation “ Punk'n Roll 666 Frames“ Shortfilm by Sara Koppel
Animation “IRAK” Shortfilm By Sara Koppel

Animation “Trut & Tulle” Pilot for Snobar & Hausner Film

  Art Exibition on "Det Poetiske Bureau"
Animation “Roskilde Festival Against Drugs” Short By KuntzKoppel

Animation for Theater ”The Border Breaking Bunch” By Ulla Koppel

Art Exibition “Love Run” Gallery Rumkammerat 
  Art Exibition PlayAlong
Animation ”A Happy NewYear ?!!! ” Short By Sara Koppel

Art Exibition, "PlayAlong", Gallery Rumkammerat + FIEN

Animation ” DisobedientRace” Shortfilm By Sara Koppel
Animation 12 minutes for ”Jesper & Mig” 40 min. By Ulrik Crone
Animation ”DeathTown” Musicfilm by Sara Koppel,

Animation Tv-serien ”Frog & Friends” + 5 Shorts for TrygVesta

Animation A lot of commercials
Animation ”Tunnel” Trailer by Sara Koppel
Animation “Included – Excluded” Short By Sara Koppel

Art Exibition, Helligåndshuset Kbh

Art Exibition, Gallery Bastillen
Art Exibition, Gallery Luddeshus 

Manuscript for ” Pencildate” Short by Sara Koppel

Musicvideos for ”Beatman & Rockin” & Danmarks smukkeste festival

Animation “ Traktor” Short By Sara Koppel

Art Exibition, Helligåndshuset Kbh

A lot of illustrations & Commercials

Art Exibition, Lyngby Rådhus

Animation, ” A hot package” Erotic Short By Sara Koppel
Art Exibition, Gallery Anne Julie
  Animation, Teaser for ”CowbellMusic”
Animation, Musicvideo for ”Blindfault”
Manuscript for ”Viola & Flora” Short by Sara Koppel
Animation, Teaser for CowBellMusic Records
Animation, Musicfilm N.E.R.D
Art Exibition, Gallery Anne Julie

Art Exibition, Gallery Ravn


Art Exibition, Gallery Ravn 

  Creator of own studio

Animation, A lot of Shorts
          + musicvideos for A.Film


Animation, A lot of shorts for Jannik Hastrup / Dansk tegnefilm